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What is SmartNet?

SmartNet is an online platform giving users access to communicate with friends not only within the SmartNet network but also to other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It also gives you free mobile access to Yahoo! Mail, OMG and search.

Who can join SmartNet?

Everyone! You, your family, your friends and anyone can join the SmartNet network for FREE!

For Android users, download SmartNet from Google Play -

For iOS users, download SmartNet from the iTunes store -

For web users, just visit the site

For mobile users (internet capable feature phones), visit using the phone's browser

I just accessed the SmartNet web/mobile web, and then I'm being asked to enter a username and password - what do I enter?

You'll have to register first. Just enter the required account details and verify your account. Once done, you can already start using the SmartNet services. From then on, you can use your account and password to log in to SmartNet.

If you are already a SmartNet registered user via app, you can access the SmartNet website/mobile website right away. You'll just have to enter your mobile number as your account, and your account password.

How do I verify my email address?

Go to your email inbox/junk folder and search for the email sent by SmartNet. Click the verify button and it will automatically bring you to the SmartNet homepage.

If you haven't received any email sent by SmartNet or your verification email has expired, you may go to the SmartNet sign in page and enter your email address and password. The system will inform you that the account has not yet been verified. You have to click the resend email verification link and reenter your email address to complete the transaction.

How do I verify my mobile number?

You will receive a message just right after entering the mobile number during the registration process. The message contains a code which you will use to verify your account. Enter the code sent and the system will notify you that you can now log in to the homepage.

If you are verifying a mobile number via mobile web, just add a mobile number from the information accounts page, save then click verify. You will receive a verification code sent via SMS. Enter the code on the website and verification process is done.

How do I register?

If you are a PC, sign up through here. If you are a feature phone, sign up through here. Make sure to fill up the required fields for registration. Once submitted, you must verify your email address or mobile number to finish registration.

Now that I have registered, what's next?

You can now start exploring the SmartNet services. For PC users, startup wizard will assist you through the first few steps to enhance your experience through the services. These three steps help you link your other social networking accounts, add more personal information and upload profile photo to make you more recognizable to friends.

How do I sign-in?

To sign in, just enter the account you registered with (either email address or mobile number) and your SmartNet password. If you are already a registered SmartNet app user, you will just have to enter your mobile number and password. You can choose to keep yourself logged-in so you don't have to enter your email and password again (although this is not recommended for shared computers)

I'm done with the wizard, so what else can I do now?

There are a lot of things you can do with SmartNet. Here are some of the cool things you can do:
View your Facebook and Twitter Feeds - if you have Facebook and Twitter accounts, make sure you have linked them to your SmartNet account. You'll start seeing your Facebook and Twitter feeds and interact with your friends through here!
Update your Status - Tell your contacts and friends what's the latest on your end. It can also be posted to Facebook and Twitter all at the same time! Search for friends, Add them, Edit your Profile, Upload Photos, Manage your Albums, and More!

How do I update my Status?

Go to your email inbox/junk folder and search for the email sent by SmartNet. Click the verify button and it will automatically bring you to the SmartNet homepage.

If you haven't received any email sent by SmartNet or your verification email has expired, you may go to the SmartNet sign in page and enter your email address and password. The system will inform you that the account has not yet been verified. You have to click the resend email verification link and reenter your email address to complete the transaction.

Now that I'm registered, how can I search for other users and add them as friends?

Once you've set-up your account, the next thing you can do is start searching for friends and connections within SmartNet. To search for users, simply enter the person you're looking for in the Search Field.

Once you get the search results, you can start adding connections by clicking on the Add as Friend button.

Once you've added someone as a friend, just wait for their confirmation. A notification will be sent to you once he has accepted your friend request.

How do I link/unlink my Facebook and Twitter Account to my SmartNet profile?

To link/unlink your Social Network Accounts, simply click on the Settings icon and choose Account. By default, Accounts tab is selected

You will then be directed to the Accounts Page. In this Page, you will see a Social Network Accounts Section where you can start linking your Twitter and Facebook Accounts. Just click on the LINK button and you will be directed to enter your respective username and passwords for that account. You can also choose to UNLINK your accounts from here. By linking your accounts, you receive your Facebook and Twitter feeds on your feed wall. By unlinking your accounts, your Facebook and Twitter feeds will be removed from your SmartNet profile.

Now that I have my feeds all in one wall, can I also leave comments on any of my feeds?

Yes! From your feed just enter your comment on the field provided. If the feed comes from a Facebook Account then your comment will be posted using your Facebook account. If your status was posted from SmartNet, Facebook and Twitter, your comments on this post will be posted to the three sites also.

Given a lot of social network options, user can choose which social network the comment will be posted on.

What is the Global Directory?

The Global Directory is the white pages of the whole SmartNet directory. SmartNet web, Netphone, Android Netphone messenger, Symbian SmartNet app users will be uploaded to the Global Directory. This is where you can find your friends, regardless of the SmartNet platform they are using. This service enables you to easily look for friends and communicate with them.

Can I use SmartNet or Yahoo! chat?

Yes, you can use chat as long as you are using the SmartNet android app. If you registered on the website, it will ask you to link your mobile number to use the app. Chat for mobile web, web and iOS are currently not available yet.

Can I toggle Internet ON/OFF here in web/mobile web?

You can only toggle Internet On /Off via SmartNet Android or iOS app. Internet On/Off is not yet available on web or mobile web.

I want to check my account balance, how do I do it?

You can check your account balance through mobile web ( Just go to your profile and click the Services link. It will show you your current balance. This is also available on the android and iOS apps.

How do I Cancel my Account?

Before you cancel your account, you may want to deactivate it instead. When you deactivate your account, your account stays active in SmartNet but other users will not be able to search or view your profile from SmartNet. When you Cancel your account, your account will be deleted from the SmartNet database. You cannot undo this action. To do this, simply go to the Account Settings and choose the Cancel Account link.

If I have any concerns, how will I report it?

Just click on the settings icon from the home screen and select Help desk. Click feedback and a form will be provided to log your concern. Make sure you complete the necessary contact details so the team will not have a hard time replying to your concerns.

If I registered through the website, will I be able to use the SmartNet app by using my account?

Yes, just enter your account and password. If you do not have a mobile number linked to your account yet, it will ask you to verify a mobile number. If you skip this process, you will not be able to use other app services like mobile account info, subscriptions and chat.

I can't link my Facebook account, it says my Facebook is already linked to another SmartNet account.

This instance only happens when your Facebook account has been previously linked to another SmartNet account. You can get this Facebook account back by logging in to SmartNet via Click on the "sign in with Facebook" option and log in with your Facebook account. Upon successful authentication, you will be logged in to the SmartNet account linked to your Facebook. Go to the account settings and click unlink Facebook. You can now link your current Facebook account to another SmartNet account.

I've been receiving multiple messages from Smart for email verification/SMS verification/forgot password, I was not even the one triggering it, how can I stop it?

You may report this incident through the website or email us at

I just registered via, how can I upload a profile picture?

The mobile web currently does not support the upload profile picture feature. You can update your profile picture through the website

I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?

Just go to the website's home screen and click forgot password. It will prompt you to enter the account detail you used to register. This can be either mobile number or email address. After entering the account detail, forgot password link/SMS will be sent.

I've been posting to Facebook and Twitter successfully, but I can't see my posts on Facebook. Why is that so?

Facebook implements a post limit to specific users who have exceeded the maximum number of posts at a certain period of time. This limit is not definite and can be relative to the behavior of the user. If you are still experiencing this type of error after a few hours, you may report it to SmartNet team's wall.

What are the free Yahoo! services being offered in SmartNet?

SmartNet now offers free Yahoo! services (Mail, OMG and search) for feature phone users. You just have to visit the web or mobile website and click the Yahoo! Services from there.

I get charged for using the free Yahoo! Services?

Access of Yahoo! Services through the SmartNet web or mobile websites are free. If you are about to leave the free Yahoo! Services, you will be prompted that the next site you are about to access may already incur charges. Just click continue if you would like to proceed or click cancel if you do not want to get charged.